About Us:

Atlantic Home Rejuvenation (A.H.R.) is the go-to company for your home repair and maintenance needs. Our reputation is at stake with every job we do. We always hold ourselves to the highest standard of work quality that is completed in a timely manner at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on maintaining high customer satisfaction with our work and will do our very best to keep you the customer happy.

  • Maybe you have a long term rental property that has become vacant and the exiting tenant has left behind wear & tear that needs to be fixed, replaced or cleaned?
  • Maybe a house is getting ready to be put on the market for sale and it needs painting, drywall repair, fixture replacement or just a deep clean?
  • Maybe you work all week and just don’t have time to address some repairs around the house?
  • Maybe something at the office needs attention?

Whatever the maybes are, A.H.R. will fix it, replace it, install it or rejuvenate it. We welcome your call to hear what’s on your “it” list.